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Marble Orchard Ghost Walks


Saturdays in September & October 2016

Gather Promptly at 7pm

Peace Garden, 476 Center Street, Lewiston, NY 14092



Proud to be part of NYS Haunted History Trail!


2015 Review from the Buffalo News...


Ghost Walk

As the lazy, hazy days of summer yield to cool crisp autumn nights, we look ahead to this time of year when we can embrace all that's scary and creepy. Whether you're just out to have some fun or learn something of the paranormal, Lewiston's Marble Orchard Ghost Walks showcase Lewiston's rough and tumble frontier past as well as its gloriously ghost-filled present.

Lurking behind Lewiston's cheerful disposition lies an impressive past of creepy events, restless spirits and haunted buildings. The Marble Orchard Ghost Walks are one of WNY's most popular autumn tourist destinations, unmatched when it comes to presenting both historical truths and ghostly legends. The walks are a great way to introduce visitors, school children and even long time residents to Lewiston's rich and exciting history.

During the 1 1/2 hour walk, the Marble Orchard Players will take you back in time as they share ghost stories, myths and tales of tragedy, crime, mayhem and murder, the grim and ghastly deeds of Lewiston's best...and worse. You'll hear secrets, both funny and sinister, of events that happened a long time ago... yet ghosts still haunt Lewiston.


Along the way, you'll meet these spirits IN PERSON and hear their tales of the macabre, the grisly and the ghostly. Step back in time as our offbeat, theatrical guides walk you through the Historic District, always (as in life) ending up in the Village Cemetery. They'll provide you with an eerie and fun-filled adventure as you learn about curses, graveyard etiquette and bizarre early medical practices, all told by costumed actors channeling the spirits of yesteryear.


Three NEW characters join the Marble Orchard this year. Visitors will absolutely 'dig' local actor Peter A. as grave-digger, James Royall, who knew all the forgotten souls that are buried in the Marble Orchard and was the last one to let them down. Taylar D. will play the part of Chief Pemberton's great grand daughter. She tells about the curse her grandfather placed on Lewiston, that may still be in effect today. Anna F. will portray Charlotte McConnell, the only survivor of six children, who "sees dead people"...


Find out what happened to religious zealot James Going after he was "called home". Hear about Morgan the Mason, who many believe still haunts the Frontier House, or the Tuscarora legend of Skadotti, the "Screaming Killer of Dogs." These stories and more await you in the Marble Orchard....

The Marble Orchard Ghost Walks begin promptly at 7:00PM on Saturdays starting September 5th and continue every Saturday night through October 24. Meet in the Peace Garden, 476 Center Street. Rain or shine. No reservations are necessary. And oh yes, be sure to bring a flash light. It gets dark early in the grave yard......


Admission: $15/Adults; $8 kids under 12 years; $12 LCA Members


And once you've taken the tour, we hope you take this survey... your answers will help us keep the Marble Orchard Ghost Walk going down the right path!


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Lewiston Ghosts are Ready to Walk Again (Buffalo News: 8/31/2014)


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Thank you for the kind words Peter!

I wanted to share something – the Encounter Niagara team of “Characters of History” are in their 4th season at the Niagara Falls State Parks.  The program has gone very well, but in an recent interview with the Travel Channel we acknowledged that the Lewiston Council on the Arts, with your Marble Orchard Tour, were the innovators who helped to build the awareness and benefit of period-dressed re-enactment in Niagara.  You deserve kudos for not only being the first, but for remaining the very best experience in our area.  I consider your efforts, and your team, the “benchmark” for quality presentation and we always refer people to your programs!
Thanks for always being so receptive and collegial in working with others in our Industry!
Have a great day.
Peter J. Green
A Division of AAA Western and  Central New York


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